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Ottawa University Archives Guide

To Maintain the current archives website which has disappeared from the main library site.




The Ottawa University MLA Libguide provides lists of links that can help you find help with citing sources and creating MLA references.

Go to:

The Gangwish Library Database Noodletools also provides you with the ability to create MLA references and citations. To use the Noodletools database you must create your own account so that you can save your references to your own file in the database. You have four options for signing in: if you already have a Noodletools account then you can choose Sign In, if you do not yet have a Noodletools account  then you can Register. Two other options for signing in would be to use your Google or Microsoft Office 365 Account or to use  a Clever account.

To get to Noodletools visit the Online Databases page or go to this link:

Go to: