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Information literacy instruction is a library service provided to students, staff and faculty by faculty librarians at the Ottawa University, Gangwish Library.

The Information Literacy Instruction program of the Library is designed to educate the student about the varieties of information sources available to them, such as print, electronic, online and the Internet sources. Information literacy instruction is taught using outcomes that are connected to the Association of College and Research Libraries Framework (2016) and the Association of College and Research Libraries Standards (2000) and are focused specifically on students' research needs in the context of completing particular course assignments for their classes, class projects and additionally, to assist them in making efficient use of the library’s databases and online resources in order to conduct research.

A close working relationship between the course instructor and the librarian is essential when designing an information literacy session for a subject-specific course/discipline. 50 minute classes can be adapted to teach specific information literacy concepts, at the request of the faculty for subject-specific courses. It is essential for your students to know prior to the library’s information literacy/instruction class visit, the assignments for which the library instruction is being given. Students may be advised that after their library instruction class, if they need additional information or further help with research, they can contact a librarian and/or setup an appointment for 1-on-1 information literacy instruction at the library.

Two Weeks Prior Notification is requested for Information Literacy Instruction classes by submitting the completed form below to librarians:

Gloria Creed-Dikeogu,  or Megan Love,

Library Instruction Sheet.docx