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Ottawa University Archives Guide

To Maintain the current archives website which has disappeared from the main library site.



The Beatrice Holt Collection RG 61 can be accessed though Past Perfect at



Biographies and Obituaries
Bettie McCobb Drew Obituary (.pdf, 1471K)
Elwin Obituary (.pdf, 2463K)
Mrs Rachel Hill Obituary (.pdf, 507K)
Rev. Iller Biography (.pdf, 391K)
Rev. Wilber Newspaper Article (.pdf, 502K)



23rd Psalm Bookmark (.pdf, 282K)
Bookmark (.pdf, 543K)
Greeting for the Season Bookmark (.pdf, 572K)
Isaiah 41.13 Bookmark (.pdf, 417K)



Imperial Hotel 1962 Calendar (.pdf, 760K)
Japanese Calendar (.pdf, 2479K)



Grave Morely Letter (.pdf, 2845K)
Letter from Mother to Frank (.pdf, 2715K)
Letter from Tom Tyson (.pdf, 2168K)
Personal Letter from Athens, Greece (.pdf, 2532K)
Personal Letter from Nepal (.pdf, 3721K)


Menus & Cookbooks

Japan Cookbook Souvenir (.pdf, 223K)
Menu (.pdf, 1710K)
New Guinea Menu (.pdf, 3274K)


Newspaper Articles

Batik ' art losing fight (.pdf, 3336K)
Beatrice Holt (.pdf, 12106K)
Behind the Headlines in the Singapore Standard (.pdf, 1901K)
Billy Sunday Artilcal, Prohibition (.pdf, 214K)
Billy Sunday Newspaper Article (.pdf, 831K)
Dorothy Dix Article (.pdf, 1208K)
Ethan Allen Article (.pdf, 485K)
Holt Newspaper Article (.pdf, 12106K)
Malaysian Newspaper (.pdf, 25457K)
Muskogee NRA Newspaper Article (.pdf, 349K)
College Hill Newspaper Cutting (.pdf, 213K)
Here for Motion Day Newspaper Clipping (.pdf, 264K)
H. Holb Newspaper Clipping (.pdf, 830K)
Wichita Newspaper Article (.pdf, 499K)


Note cards, Postcards and Certificates

Calling Card Note (.pdf, 272K)

Certificate of Ancience Chinese Portraits (.pdf, 1043K)
Diwali Greeting Card (.pdf, 1392K)
Dr. C. S. Patel Business Card (.pdf, 115K)
First Baptist Church Certificate (.pdf, 800K)
Greeting Card from Scotland (.pdf, 1259K)
Note card (.pdf, 329K)
Postcard from Rutta to Holt (.pdf, 1438K)



History of Japan Souvenir (.pdf, 152K)
Hotel Cecil in Delhi Order Slip (.pdf, 611K)
India Wedding Invitation and Envelope (.pdf, 2193K)
India's New Coinage Scheme (.pdf, 2368K)
Invitation from Turkish Tourism and Information Office (.pdf, 309K)
Marion Miller Announcement (.pdf, 523K)
Italian Excavation (.pdf, 3878K)
New Delhi Ticket Envelope (.pdf, 596K)
Railroad Stationary Papers (.pdf, 830K)



Come on Spring (.pdf, 420K)
Montgomery Church Poem (.pdf, 458K)



50th Reunion Photograph (.pdf, 435K)
Beatrice Holt and Friends (.pdf, 600K)
Beatrice Holt Drinking Tea (.pdf, 620K)
Bride and Groom at Indian Wedding (.pdf, 1011K)
Delhi, India Photograph with Holt in Middle (.pdf, 657K)
Holt sitting on an alligator Photograph (.pdf, 393K)

Indian Wedding Photograph (.pdf, 842K)

Handicrafts of Orissa Program (.pdf, 2898K)
Indian Cultural Pageant (.pdf, 3314K)
India's World Agricultural Fair Program (.pdf, 3493K)
Information Center Program Karachi (.pdf, 1676K)
Republic Day Parade (.pdf, 3644K)



B.Y.P.U Social Invitation (.pdf, 792K)
Bible Scripture Notecard (.pdf, 789K)
Bible Verses (.pdf, 418K)
Christian Stewardship (.pdf, 1971K)
Church Tract (.pdf, 1411K)
Gideon Bible Verses (.pdf, 387K)
Holt Scripture Notes (.pdf, 943K)
How would you like it yourself? Tract (.pdf, 4499K)
Insert of Christmas (.pdf, 2697K)
Mother's Day Program (.pdf, 1284K)
Pastoral Chat (.pdf, 3180K)