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Ottawa University Archives Guide

To Maintain the current archives website which has disappeared from the main library site.


The Aaron Copland Collection of Music Scores is located in the Collections Room at Ottawa University. There are 150 music scores in the collection.

Each score has been described and has a unique record in the Myers Library Catalog. To find out what scores are available please go to the Myers Library Catalog link below.


Copies of Copland Collection Music Scores can be requested and purchased from the Myers library. For further information about the Copland Collection at Ottawa University please contact Gloria Creed-Dikeogu at 785-248-2536.

Aaron Copland Letters
RG 12.23.07 Ottawa University Memo about Aaron Copland's visit (.jpg, 1265K)
RG 12.23.08 Envelopes accompanying letters (.pdf, 474K)
RG 12.23.09 Two letters exploring visit to Ottawa University, April 8 & April 29, 1971 (.jpg, 720K)
RG 12.23.10 Two letters between Stanley DeFries and Aaron Copland, May 20 & August 21, 1972 (.jpg, 666K)
RG 12.23.11 Two letters dated March 4, 1976 and October 29, 1971 (.jpg, 680K)
RG 12.24.16 Copland program letter (.pdf, 1688K)
RG 12.23.14 Letter from Stanley DeFries to Aaron Copland regarding Kansas trip arrangements June 7, 1971 (.jpg, 1020K)
RG 12.23.15 Reply to letter from Stanley DeFries to Aaron Copland regarding Kansas trip arrangements on June 7, 1971 (.jpg, 1645K)
RG 12.23.17 Letter from Ottawa University regarding Copland Festival arrangements, October 21, 1971 (.jpg, 1448K)
RG 12.23.18 Letter from Ottawa University regarding Copland arrangements and inviting him to Kansas Music Teachers contest, January 15, 1972 (.jpg, 719K)
RG 12.23.20 Letter from Vopland regarding Luke Foss dated January 21, 1972 (.jpg, 696K)
RG 12.23.21 Letter regarding Ottawa University European Tour dated August 24, 1972 (.jpg, 724K)
RG 12.23.22 Letter regarding Copland's receipt of an honorary Kansan certificate from the Ottice of the Governor, January 23, 1976 (.jpg, 507K)
RG 12.23.23 Letter from the Office of the Lieutenant Governor dated February 29, 1976 (.jpg, 527K)
RG 12.23.24 Letter from the Office of the Governor regarding seal dated February 12, 1976 (.jpg, 663K)
RG 12.23.25 Letter dated February 12, 1982 (.jpg, 467K)
RG 12.23.28 KU Congratulations on the successful Festival dated April 5, 1976 (.jpg, 890K)
RG 12.23.24 Letter about April events (.pdf, 2068K)
RG 12.23.26 Letter about Copland estate (.pdf, 1466K)
Two letters from RG 12.23.29 December 15, 1980 and February 14, 1980 (.jpg, 742K)
RG 12.23.31 Two letters dated February 12, 1962 (.jpg, 467K)
RG 12.23.32 Letter about the next Festival dated August 4, 1982 (.jpg, 1055K)
RG 12.23.33 Letter about April Festival dated August 11, 1982 (.jpg, 432K)
RG 12.23.35 Letter about a grant dated November 24, 1982 (.jpg, 1676K)
Aaron Copland Music Programs at Ottawa University
RG 12.23.01 Aaron Copland University Program Series Session Two 1971-2 (.jpg, 1951K)
RG 12.23.02 Aaron Copland 1973 (.pdf, 12945K)
RG 12.23. 04 Aaron Copeland Festival 1976 Program (.pdf, 7658K)
Aaron Copland Music Scores
RG 12.23.37 Aaron Copland at 80 checklist (.pdf, 6957K)
Aaron Copland Newspaper Articles
RG 12.23.23 Copland Press Releases (.pdf, 3090K)
RG 12.23.29 Copland at 80 (.pdf, 7078K)
RG 12.23.27 Note regarding press release (.pdf, 855K)
RG 12.23.38 Music world celebrates Copland's 75th (.pdf, 5609K)
Aaron Copland Photographs
RG 12.23.05 Copland Poster (.pdf, 2800K)