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Resources for Remote Learning: Blackboard Learn

These resources are provided by the Instructional Design and Academic Technology Team to help you use the tools needed for attending class and learning at a distance.

Blackboard Overview

Every course has a space in a system called Blackboard where your professor can load the syllabus, course materials, links for submitting (attaching) assignment documents, and quizzes and/or tests. Your professor will communicate with you about their expectations and plans for using the Blackboard.

How do I access Blackboard?

Log into and click the Blackboard link (lower left menu) to be automatically logged in to Blackboard.  

Alternatively, you can go directly to

Your username is your OU Student ID number.  Your password is the same as your OU email password.  If you are unsure of your MyOttawa or Blackboard password, contact OU Help for a password reset.

Self-Service Documentation

Academic Continuity Technical Support

Faculty and Students Experiencing Disruption of Class can contact us:

Hotline: 785-248-2505 

(answered 8 AM to 10 PM Central Time M-F)


Submitting Assignments to Blackboard

Your Blackboard classroom provides an easy way for you to submit work digitally to your instructor so they can provide feedback and grade your work. 

The general steps for submitting work in Blackboard are:

  1. Locate the assignment submission link in the course shell. This might be located in an area called Assignments or inside a week/module folder. Ask your instructor for the location in their class shell.
  2. Read and follow the directions to complete your work.
  3. When you are ready to turn in your work, click the assignment title link to begin your submission. 
  4. Add your work to your assignment submission by one of the following:
    • Write Submission allows you to use the text editor to type your work directly in Blackboard. This is an option for short assignments that do not require APA formatting, or if you do not have a word-processing program available on your device. 
    • Browse my Computer allows you to upload a file from your device. The best file types are Word documents (.DOC or .DOCX), PowerPoint files (.PPT, .PPTX or .PPS, Excel files (.XLS or .XLSX) or images (.JPG, .JPEG, .PNG). If you are using an iPhone, you will need to convert your photos (HEIC file) to JPG files. See Supported File types for more information.
    • Browse Cloud Content allows you to connect and upload files from your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box. See more information about Adding Files from Cloud Storage.
  5. Click Submit to send your work to your instructor for grading.
  6. You will receive an assignment submission confirmation when your work has been successfully submitted.


Viewing Grades & Instructor Feedback

You can view your grade and any feedback provided by your instructor for all classes from the Grades menu on the main Blackboard navigation. Additionally, you can access your grades inside specific courses using a tool called My Grades.