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Counseling E-Resource Guide: Start Here to find Full-text Articles

A Guide for Counseling students at Ottawa University

Why was this LibGuide Created?

This LibGuide was created as a Guide for Counseling students and faculty in using the Gangwish Library's Collections to find Books, Online Reference and Regular Reference Books, Periodicals, Ebooks and Resources in a variety of Psychology-related subject areas.

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Periodical Research Tips

1. The Gangwish Library has Hard-copy periodical holdings which are organized in alphabetical order by Periodical Name.

2. To see what Psychology Periodicals are held by the Gangwish Library, please check the Gangwish Library Catalog on the OU Portal.

3. If you have checked the Gangwish Library Catalog and need an article from one of the hard-copy periodicals held by the Gangwish Library, then you can request the article, by emailing our librarians at ask-a-librarian, emailing our librarians at Virtual Librarian, chatting with a librarian to make your request or calling the library desk. Don't forget to provide an email address where we can contact you or email the article to you, and a physical address where the article can be sent to you.

4. Please provide us with the Periodical's title, name of the author who wrote the article, the article's title, the periodical's volume number, series number and the page numbers of the article you need.

5. If the library owns a copy of the periodical you need, we can make a copy of the article you need at no charge to you.

Searching for Full-text articles in the Counseling Subject Databases