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Gangwish Library Mobile Guide: Ebsco Mobile

Mobile resources for the iphone, ipad and other mobile devices.

How to download the Ebsco Mobile App to your e-device

1. Go to the Ebscohost Database in the OU Portal

2. Once in Ebscohost, scroll all the way down until you see a link for ipad and iphone access

3. Click on  that link and it will prompt you to enter your email address

4. Use the email address that is installed on your ipad or iphone to make access easier for you

5. You will recieve the email below which includes an authentication key 

6.  You will need to enter the authentication key into your device to authenticate to our OU Databases


To begin using the EBSCOhost iPhone and Android applications, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:
Download the app from the
iTunes Store or Google Play

Step 2:
View this email on your device, then tap this authentication key

(Note: You must access the link in Step 2 from your device. The activation link will expire in 24 hours.)

Questions? Visit the support page or send an email to

Ebscohost Mobile Tutorial


What features are available in EBSCOhost Mobile?

EBSCOhost Mobile has the following features available:

  • Basic Searching
  • HTML and PDF Full Text
  • Search Modes
  • Limiters
  • Image Quick View
  • Image Collection (depending on the database that has been selected)
  • E-mailing articles
  • Preferences
  • Multi-database Searching
  • Branding

Can I email articles using EBSCOhost Mobile?

Yes, as in EBSCOhost, you can email articles from both the EBSCOhost Mobile result list and article details screens.


Which mobile devices have been used to test EBSCOhost Mobile?

EBSCOhost Mobile was tested on several devices and also underwent a Beta period that solicited customer feedback on many unique devices. Although, it has not been tested on all mobile devices available in the market it was quality certified on the most popular smart-phones including:

  • BlackBerry
  • Dell Axim
  • iPhone
  • Palm 750

Is javascript required to use EBSCOhost Mobile?

Your device must have javascript enabled in order to use EBSCOhost Mobile.


Note: BlackBerry users can refer to the following link for information on enabling javascript:


Why does the EBSCOhost Mobile interface look different when I view it on my Mac or PC?

The EBSCOhost Mobile interface has been optimized for use on a mobile device with a smaller screen. When this interface is viewed on a normal sized computer screen, the interface will appear stretched with fewer features available than the standard EBSCOhost interface.


Does EBSCOhost Mobile usage count against a simultaneous user seat limit in EBSCOhost databases?

Yes. If a user is accessing an EBSCOhost database which has a seat limitation, that usage does count against the limitation.                                                           

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