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Anti-Plagiarism Guide for Faculty, Staff and Students: The Ottawa University Plagiarism Tutorial

Providing anti-plagiarism sources for students, staff and faculty

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So, do you cite it?                                                                                                     

To find more books about Plagiarism prevention, please go to the Ebscohost Ebook Collections.

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The Ottawa University Plagiarism Tutorial is a four module tutorial that  will be made available as a self-directed tutorial in Blackboard. The four modules are:

1. Defining Plagiarism, Academic Integrity & Cheating

2. The Consequences of Plagiarism

3. Plagiarism Prevention: Citing Sources

4. Plagiarism Prevention Resources

There are six tests in the Plagiarism Tutorial: One Pre-test and One Final Test and One Test Your Knowledge Test at the end of each of the four Modules. Students have to obtain an overall score of 70% or better on the Tutorial in order to pass and receive a Certificate of Completion.

The Plagiarism Tutorial Outcomes are as follows:

Students will learn

  • what plagiarism is and what it isn’t
  • the various forms of plagiarism
  • why some students plagiarize
  • how plagiarism is detected
  • why it is important to avoid plagiarism
  • why plagiarism is a serious issue
  • about Ottawa University’s academic integrity and dishonesty policies
  • how to integrate research into their writing
  • how to integrate a writing style into their academic writing
  • how to avoid accidental and patchwork plagiarism
  • how to construct citations and give credit to the authors you cite.

Each module in Blackboard begins with a set of objectives which directly connects back to the tutorial outcomes. Each module is comprised of a variety of resources ranging from articles, website links to infographics and video tutorials about plagiarism. The video tutorials that are included in the Plagiarism Tutorial on Blackboard are available through the Plagiarism Tutorials Link on this Tutorial for the entire Ottawa University university-wide student community.

This tutorial was added to the Anti-Plagiarism Guide because there are many video and linked resources that are available to instructors on this Libguide. You may find that this guide has its limitations, and that there might be missing areas that have not been addressed on the site. If you find any resources that you would like to add to this Libguide, please contact our librarians with the links to be added.