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Annotated Bibliographies:

This guide was created to help students create annotated bibliographies.

I've been assigned an annotated bibliography, now what?

This guide was designed by your friendly OU librarians to help students understand what an annotated bibliography is, why you should write one, and how to write one. 

What is an annotated bibliography for?

Annotated bibliographies are designed to help you learn more about your research topic. You will find, summarize, & evaluate articles and/or books that you would use for your selected topic.

Using credible sources

What is an annotated bibliography?

Created by Kimbal Library Instructional Videos - Coastal Carolina University

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Annotating your bibliography


Annotations become easy when you have done a close reading of your sources before you write:


1. Choose your bibliographic style

2. Annotate your bibliography using only one style, MLA, APA or another style

3. Do not mix citation styles

4. Organize your annotated bibliography in alphabetical order by author

5. Annotate your bibliography by summarizing the article cited in 5-6 sentences

6. Pay attention to overhanging citations, font use and double-spacing as is fitting with the citation style used