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Open Education Textbooks and Resources:

This guide provides faculty and students with information about open textbooks and resources that could be used in courses at Ottawa University.

What is Open Education?

Ever wondered with Open Education is all about?

What are Open Education Resources?

Interested in finding out more about Open Education Resources? Read the articles below...

OER Myths

Are there myths that exist about Open Education Resources? If so, what are they?

Ebooks about Open Education and Open Resources in Ebscohost Academic Ebook Collection

Kansas Colleges with Open Textbook Programs

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Why should faculty consider providing students with Open Textbooks?

Open Education Textbook Initiatives should be considered for students who struggle to pay for college textbooks. Read about how open textbooks provide financial sustainability and lowers college costs for college students.

Read about teaching with Open Education Resources

Thinking about participating in an open textbook initiative? See what teaching with OER resources is all about?