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Autism Resource Guide: Autism Books at the Gangwish Library

A Guide containing open resources and web resource links that provide information for students, teachers and parents about Autism.

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Call numbers to help find Books on Autism in the Gangwish Stacks

Dewey Decimal Call Numbers - Autism

612 Asberger's Syndrome
616.85882 Autism
618 Medical topics related to Autism

Open Resources about Autism

Selected E-Books on the topic of Autism from Ebscohost


Here are a few ebooks on Autism. More books on the topic can be found in the two Ebscohost Ebook Collections, by going to Ebscohost on the Gangwish Library Page in Online Library Databases. Make sure you are logged in to read each book. Click on the continue button if you see it to get to the resource.