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Ottawa University Interlibrary Loan Guide: Interlibrary Loan Guide

This is a guide that will help students, faculty and staff at OU understand interlibrary loan procedures, processes and rules.

Welcome-Interlibrary Loan Guide

Do you need a book or journal article for your assignment that isn't at the Gangwish Library?

Don't worry! We can get it for you! Check out this guide for more information about interlibrary loan procedures and policies.

Gangwish Library Circulation Policies

Due Dates

Circulating books have two checkout dates for students at the Campus: Midterm and at the end of the semester. Books may be renewed unless recall is requested. APOS students may checkout books which will be due at the end of the term. Books are subject to recall after four weeks.

Media is checked out for one week and may be renewed if there is not a hold on the item.

Overdue Notices
Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy after material is past due. Users are responsible for returning or renewing materials on time whether or not a notice has been received.

There are no fines for late books. 

Replacement charges and reprocessing fees are charged for materials that have not been returned four weeks after they are overdue. If materials are subsequently returned, the cost of the replacement will be refunded; however, the borrower will still be required to pay the reprocessing fee.  Charges are added to the student’s account in the Business Office.

Interlibrary Loan & Resource Sharing

What is it?

The Interlibrary Loan Department is committed to obtaining materials not owned by the Ottawa University Gangwish Library and that are needed to support the educational, curricular and research needs of OU students, faculty and staff.

When do I use it?

Once you have searched the Gangwish Library catalog and databases, if you cannot find the materials you are looking for, you may send your request by email to
Fill out the form at this link to submit your requests. 


Who can use it?

All currently enrolled Ottawa University students, faculty, and staff.

How much does it cost?

Usually, nothing! Most lending libraries do not charge, and we try to borrow from them first. However, distance students may have to pay return postage when borrowing books from the Gangwish Library's collection.

How long does it take?

The average turnaround time is 8 working days, often less for articles. Please allow us enough time to process your request & receive the item. You will be notified by email when your items arrive. Books are held at the Circulation Desk.  Articles are delivered to your email account.

Interlibrary Loan Policies

ILL Policies to be aware of:

  • Requests need to be emailed to from your Ottawa University email address.
  • Current enrollment will be checked before the library submits a request.
  • Students and faculty will be notified by email when their request is available.
  • We do not interlibrary loan textbooks.
  • Be aware that returning ILL items late may impact on the ability of the library to receive future ILL requests from the lending library. Disregard of due dates may cause revocation of this service for all students outside of Ottawa.

Policies for requesting journal articles:

  • When requesting an article, please give the title of the periodical, article title, author, volume number, issue number, date, page numbers of the article, and the source of the citation. Also include your name, address, phone number, and student or faculty ID number.
  • Please keep in mind that because of copyright laws, the library may not be able to fill all requests. Depending on the publisher, there is often a delay of a year or more before articles are available. So if your requested article was only published a few months ago, it is unlikely to be filled.
  • When requesting an article, please be aware that after you have downloaded it, it will be available for 30 days or 5 views--whichever comes first. You may want to save the file after you first download it so you can access it later.
  • Each year the library can only borrow photocopies of five articles out of a specific periodical title published within the last five years and only one article may be borrowed from an individual periodical issue providing the article is no more than 25% of the issue.
  • Instructors, please be aware that in accordance with copyright law, interlibrary loan articles are for individual use only. They cannot be copied and distributed to entire classes.

Policies for requesting books & media:

  • When requesting a book, please give title, author, copyright date and edition as well as your name, address, phone number, and student or faculty ID number.
  • Patrons from the Ottawa campus must pick up books in person at Gangwish Library circulation desk.
  • The sleeve attached to your ILL item will tell you the due date and whether or not your item can be renewed.
  • Interlibrary loans of books will be available only for students and faculty at the Kansas sites. Patrons at the Kansas City site are responsible for the return postage and mailing the book to the library on or before the due date. Any fine incurred for late return will be charged to the student.
  • Because of the time it takes to mail materials back and forth, students at the distance sites are encouraged to ask their local libraries to interlibrary loan materials for them. Students need to be aware that the loan length is determined by the lending library and it could be quite short given the need for the extra mailing from and to the OU library.
  • However, an item owned by the Gangwish library will be available to students at any of the distance sites. The item will be mailed to the student at home, and the student is responsible for return postage.
  • If you need to keep your item longer than the due date, you may request a renewal if your item is available for renewal. Please submit your renewal request by email to at least two days before the due date so we can request the renewal from the lending library. 

Director of Library Services

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