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Science Resource Guide: Find Science Books and DVD's

Guide for students in the Natural Sciences: Biology, Mathematics, Physical Science, Actuarial Science

Where do I find Science Books in the Stacks?

Visit the Myers Library Stacks or the Myers Library Reference Collection for Books on the Natural Sciences:

500 Natural sciences & mathematics
501 Philosophy & theory
502 Miscellany
503 Dictionaries & encyclopedias
504 Not assigned or no longer used
505 Serial publications
506 Organizations & management
507 Education, research, related topics
508 Natural history
509 Historical, areas, persons treatment
510 Mathematics
511 General principles
512 Algebra & number theory
513 Arithmetic
514 Topology
515 Analysis
516 Geometry
517 Not assigned or no longer used
518 Not assigned or no longer used
519 Probabilities & applied mathematics
520 Astronomy & allied sciences
521 Celestial mechanics
522 Techniques, equipment, materials
523 Specific celestial bodies & phenomena
524 Not assigned or no longer used
525 Earth (Astronomical geography)
526 Mathematical geography
527 Celestial navigation
528 Ephemerides
529 Chronology
530 Physics
531 Classical mechanics Solid mechanics
532 Fluid mechanics Liquid mechanics
533 Gas mechanics
534 Sound & related vibrations
535 Light & paraphotic phenomena
536 Heat
537 Electricity & electronics
538 Magnetism
539 Modern physics
540 Chemistry & allied sciences
541 Physical & theoretical chemistry
542 Techniques, equipment, materials
543 Analytical chemistry
544 Qualitative analysis
545 Quantitative analysis
546 Inorganic chemistry
547 Organic chemistry
548 Crystallography
549 Mineralogy
550 Earth sciences
551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology
552 Petrology
553 Economic geology
554 Earth sciences of Europe
555 Earth sciences of Asia
556 Earth sciences of Africa
557 Earth sciences of North America
558 Earth sciences of South America
559 Earth sciences of other areas
560 Paleontology Paleozoology
561 Paleobotany
562 Fossil invertebrates
563 Fossil primitive phyla
564 Fossil Mollusca & Molluscoidea
565 Other fossil invertebrates
566 Fossil Vertebrata (Fossil Craniata)
567 Fossil cold-blooded vertebrates
568 Fossil Aves (Fossil birds)
569 Fossil Mammalia
570 Life sciences
571 Not assigned or no longer used
572 Human races
573 Physical anthropology
574 Biology
575 Evolution & genetics
576 Microbiology
577 General nature of life
578 Microscopy in biology
579 Collection and preservation
580 Botanical sciences
581 Botany
582 Spermatophyta (Seed-bearing plants)
583 Dicotyledones
584 Monocotyledones
585 Gymnospermae (Pinophyta)
586 Cryptogamia (Seedless plants)
587 Pteridophyta (Vascular cryptograms)
588 Bryophyta
589 Thallobionta & Prokaryotae
590 Zoological sciences
591 Zoology
592 Invertebrates
593 Protozoa, Echinodermata, related phyla
594 Mollusca & Molluscoidea
595 Other invertebrates
596 Vertebrata (Craniata, Vertebrates)
597 Cold-blooded vertebrates Fishes
598 Aves (Birds)
599 Mammalia (Mammals)

Science Titles Newly added to the Catalog

New books that can be found in the new book display area:

Computer Science Books

Data Management in the cloud

004.36 Ag 7d

The datacenter as a computer

004.6 B27d


Medically-related books

The anxiety disease

616.8522 Sh3a

Overcoming overeating

616.39808 H61o



Science Reference Book Highlights at the Ganagwish Library


Find a few of these Science Reference Books and many more in the Reference Section at the Gangwish Library. For more recent Science titles go to the CredoReference Database.

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology

R503 M17m

Scientific Encyclopedia

R503 V33c

Dictionary of Scientific Biography

R503.0922 D56d

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Physics

R530.3 En1e

Dictionary of Organic Compounds

R547.003 D56d

McGill's Survey of Science

R550 M27e

Stedman's Concise Medical Dictionary



DVD's available at the front desk on Science Topics

The following DVD's can be found at the front desk and are available for check out. A variety of VHS titles on Science topics may also be found on the open shelves in the Myers Library and are also available for checkout.

Search for solutions

DVD 507.2 Se1f


Teeth are our organs

DVD 573.35639 M93t


Journey of man: the story of the human species

DVD 599.938 J82t


Singers voice: vocal folds

DVD 612.78 V85w


Making sense of senory information

DVD 612,8 M28p


Discoering the human brain

DVD 612.82 D83b


Human brain development

DVD 612.82 H83n

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