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Intellectual Property Resource Guide: How to use SafeAssign in Blackboard

Resources that describe what intellectual property is and why it is important

Why was this page created?

SafeAssign is an anti-plagiarism tool within Blackboard. This page was created to make the SafeAssign directions, video and powerpoint tutorials accessible and available to all faculty who use Blackboard.  Here is the help page for SafeAssign by Blackboard

How do I find and use SafeAssign in Blackboard?

Directions for using SafeAssign in Blackboard

  • Enter Blackboard after signing into MyOttawa.
  • Select a past course from the list on the right, unless they have been hidden.
  • Select Control Panel and Course Tools from the menu on the left, then select SafeAssign.
  • Choose Direct Submit (the “Safe Assignments” are for assignments that you have assigned within a course shell)
  • To upload the paper select +Paper Select and then the Browse button to select a digital copy of the paper
  • Check Submit as Draft and then hit the Submit toggle in the lower right of the screen.
  • While it will appear that nothing is happening, but as the tutorial below cautions it may take some time to do a deep search and the extent of the data courses being checked is significant.
  • When you see the SafeAssign green icon under SA Report and a % of match, then you can obtain a report
  • You will get a very precise report with clear sources that were used by the student.

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