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Mental Illness and Crisis Prevention Resources: Gangwish Library Books and Resources on Mental Illness

This is a resource providing mental health, state-specific and crisis links for library users.


The  Dewey numbers for Mental Illness are: 616.89 and  613.0423

Finding Books on Social Science Topics

Abuse/Incest 362.76
Abusive Relationships 362.82, 362.8292
Acne/Skin Care 616.53, 646.726
Alcohol 613.81
Anger/Aggression 152.47
Anorexia 616.8526
Anxiety 152.46, 616.8522
Autism Spectrum Disorders 616.8588
Birth Control 613.94
Body Changes/Puberty 612.661
Body Image 616.852
Bulimia 616.8526
Bullying 305.343, 371.58
Cutting/Self-Harm 616.8582
Date/Acquaintance Rape 362.883
Death/Grief 155.937
Depression 616.8527
Divorce 306.89
Drug Abuse/Addiction 362.29
Health/Hygiene 613.0423, 613.0424
Homelessness 362.5
Incarcerated Family Members 362.82
LGBTQIA 306.76
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 616.8521
Pregnancy 618.2
Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement 363.23
Rape 364.1532
Relationships/Dating 306.73
School Shootings 371.782
Self-Esteem 305.235
Sex 613.954, 613.96
STDs 616.951
Suicide 362.28
Teen Dating Violence 158.2, 306.73
Trans/Gender Identity Issues 306.768

CredoReference Reference Books on Mental Health and Mental Illness

Ebooks on Mental Illness


These Ebooks are from the Ebook Collections in Ebscohost. There are many more books on these topics in the database, and the other ebook databases that we have in ProQ!uest.

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Ebooks about Suicide Prevention

There are many more ebooks on this topic in the library's ebook databases.