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Copyright Resource Guide: Creative Commons

A guide that provides direction and resources to faculty with regards to the application of the Teach Act, and to students with regard to intellectual property and photocopying.

What is a Creative Commons? What is Creative Commons Licensing?

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization located in California, that works expand copyright works by providing six Creative Commons licenses that are free to the public.

Creative Commons and the Classroom Articles

How do you use Creative Commons in the classroom?

Creative Commons (CC) Licensing allows teachers and students to use CC resources legally; but they have to be aware of what CC licenses they can use and which would not work for the classroom. CC proivdes teachers and students with tools to manage their own copyright and at the same time be able to share their work, if they wish with other teachers and students by giving others the chance to use it with CC Lisencing.

Which Creative Commons Licenses should you use?

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Creative Commons Tool

Understanding creative commons