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The Fredrickson Collection: Fredrickson Digital Sermons

This is the digital sermon collection of Rodger Fredrickson.

About Roger Fredrickson

Roger Fredrickson was an Ottawa University Alum, minister, author, and professor.



Sermons by Decade



54.1963.0104 Power of worship and Forgiveness and Healing

54.1963.0113 The great omnipotent God reigneth

54.1963.0120 The first and the last

54.1963.0127 The lord of the church

54.1963.0127 Staying in the ministry

54.1963.0210 Those with robes washed in blood

54.1963.0217 The new Jerusalem

54.1963.0224 The great invitation

54.1963.0303 I have seen God

54.1963.0310 My soul thirsts for God

54.1963.0324 Arise and go to my father

54.1963.0331 For this purpose

54.1963.0407 What thou wilt

54.1963.0414 More than conquerors

54.1963.0421 Going back to the nets and search for meaning

54.1963.0428 Poor of generous sowing and True nature of faith

54.1963.0505 You proclaim the Lord's death and Lee Bright Night

54.1963.0512 Like a might army and Faith saves the family

54.1963.0526 We preach Christ

54.1963.0602 All together in one place and Walking in the spirit

54.1963.0609 I give you what I have

54.1963.0616 Prayer that opens the prison doors

54.1963.0623 The spirit and open doors and The red cord in the window

54.1963.0623 The red cord

54.1963.0630 The gospel of the unknown

54.1963.0804 Do not be afraid

54.1963.0818 Deliverance to captives and God's displacement people

54.1963.0901 God's gamble on us

54.1963.0908 Call to commitment

54.1963.922 The integrity of the membership

54.1963.922 Standing in the power and The ministry of the laity

54.1963.929 The strategy of penetration and Only God gives the growth

54.1963.1003 Glory in the high street

54.1963.1013 How deep is the water

54.1963.1027 Called to freedom

54.1963.1103 The wedding feast of the lamb and Hitting the high notes


January 5-February 2, 1964

February 9-March 22, 1964

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July 12-August 28, 1964

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November 22-December 28, 1964


January 17-February 14, 1965

February 21-March 14, 1965

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June 6-July 4, 1965

Aug 1-Aug 29, 1965

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Nov 7-Nov 13, 1965

November 19-December 24, 1965

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